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Why did Vermont American change their Icebit screwdriver bits?


I have used these #2 Vermont American Icebits for years. I have not purchased any new ones for several years now as they seem to last for ever and I had large quantity of them on hand. Well before I knew it I was down to my last few bits so I purchase some new ones.

Thought I could tell just from looking at the package that the new bits seem to have more of a point to them then my old ones. Sure enough once I started using them it was easy to tell that they just don't fit the screws like they use to. The point on the new #2 icebits hold the bit up and out of the screw heads just enough to create a little wobble.

Why do companies go and changes things like this? Wish I would have bought a lot more of the old style bits when I had the chance.

What are some of your favorit 1/4" hex shank screwdriver bits?

AJ, try this site.  I've been using these for years, while doing avionics work and appliance repair.

Left side: phillips screwdriver bits.

#2 Phillips Reduced Nose Insert Bit

47 cents each.

Made in U.S.A.

Don't get better than that.

This one?

Even though the one I fist posted above is shown with the ACR "ribs" it seems that this is the one I want to order if I want the extra ribs on the tip.

Yes, it looks like the 70 cent ones have the ribs.

I have ordered alot from Brown Tool and have always been satisfied with the products and service.

But have been out of the aviation business for at least 10 years now.

Good quality made in usa tools are getting hard to come by nowadays.


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