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LG ldf6810 Power Issue


I have an LG dishwasher (model ldf6810) that won't turn on - i.e., no power when you depress the on switch. I have power at the plug and I have replaced both the main PCB and display boards with no change. I thought it might be the noise filter tonight (from reading some other posts here) and tested that with a meter for power in/out - all good. So I am at a bit of a loss for what it might be - any ideas on what to check next would be greatly appreciated? Please note that I am reasonably handy, but have no previous experience with the insides of a dishwasher, so any advice is greatly appreciated!

Just a guess here, but check the wire harness for a broken wire at the bottom of the door.

Hey scrapiron - thanks so much for the quick reply! I opened the door back up last night, followed the wiring diagram to see where power should be coming into the main control board - no power. OF COURSE I SHOULD HAVE CHECKED THIS BEFORE REPLACING THE MAIN AND DISPLAY BOARDS - ARRRGGGHHH!!! So I followed those wires back down to the bottom of the door and BINGO!!! You were spot on - there were actually three broken wires. I had originally assumed this was unlikely because there is a nice plastic cover to prevent this where the wires run under the door. How three got broken at once, who knows - I am betting one of the kids pushed down real hard on the door by accident and just forgot to let their old man know.  :tickedoff:

Of course the wires are broken in such a position that I had to partially disassemble the entire bottom of the dishwasher, but I will get it all back together tonight.

Thanks again!

Moral of Story for other Dishwasher Rookies: Start with the wiring diagram and a voltage meter first, replace parts second (of course this assumes you are handy enough not to shock yourself - otherwise call a repair person). Cost wrong way = $175. Cost right way = $1. However, I will say that I learned a hell of a lot more about dishwasher repair doing it the wrong way.

Glad I could be of assistance. Best way to repair is to add new wire so that the connectors are 3-4 inches above & below the break. Secure the new wire to the harness with cable ties.

That's exactly what I had decided to do, so I am glad to have it confirmed by someone who knows what they are talking about! Thanks again.


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