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Hello, I'm hoping someone here can help! My hvac fan blower motor stopped working recently, and I ordered a new one from the "local" (hour's drive) Home improvement store...thing is, the old motor has 3 wires coming off it (plus Green Ground,) - Black, Red, and Brown (or Purple--weathered, so I can't really tell.) The new motor has 6 wires coming off it (plus Green Ground, of course) - Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow, + Brown and Brown/White. And Dual Run Capacitor. From what I've read in some posts, I'll have to get another capacitor, but is there any way around this, or do I have to order one? Takes a week for HVAC parts to come in without paying extra for shipping, and this is my 3rd week w/o AC going into summer. Going crazy from the heat! This is what I have so far...Brown to F on Cap; Green to Ground; Brown/White to C on Cap; Black to same place Black was on OEM; Red to same place Red was on OEM; No clue what to do with Blue or Yellow! Help please???  :'(


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