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I have a GE PDWT380V00SS that is 13 months old. It just started to make a noise (see youtube: ) last night. At first thought it sounded like an impeller hitting something. I rebooted the disk washer (unplug it for 30 seconds) and the noise is still there. I also noted that the tub is not filling with water.  Any ideas? The only manual I have is the standard user manual which is useless.


Here is a second video. () When I start the cycle it is silent. I do not hear anything and then the noise starts. When I open the door it is dry inside. Are there buttons I can press in a sequence to run a Test Mode?

Does anyone know what button I should push for the Test Mode?


Here is a manual similar to yours.You should get water in the beginning.May want to check that first.Like the float.Or water valve.Noise, sounds like another problem.Good look.

May want to put some water in dishwasher manually and see if noise goes away and wash arms turn.If no noise ,then maybe its a no water problem.


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