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Kenmore/Bosche KDI-19 detergent cups are OPEN but caked in cup, won't drop

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I also replaced one of the bi-metals, and cleaned the other with De-Oxit.
So are they opening at the wrong part of the cycle?  But the detergent should still drop.
So is water getting in during the cycle and caking it?

Are you sure the dishwasher is filling with water during each cycle as it should.

KDI-19 is a Hobart built KitchenAid...  Are the detergent cups opening during the cycle?  Is water spraying during the cycle?

The dishes are wet & half clean. Yes at least one cup is opening.  I was focused on them not opening so replaced the bimetal.   After replacing the bimetal my wife pointed out that the detergent was caked in the opened cup.

??? Why did I type Bosche?  I know its a Hobart...

I believe, on the KDI-19, the bi-metals are in series with the wash motor. Therefore, if the motor isn't drawing enough current due to low water fill, plugged pump screens or broken/stripped wash impeller, the bi-metal won't flex enough to allow the soap cups to release. Also, dishes won't be clean & soap won't be washed out of the soap cups. Check to make sure it's getting sufficient water, that the round screen below the washarm is really clean & that the wash impeller is not broken or stripped. Also, check the center post on the washarm support. make sure it hasn't come loose from the bakelite housing.


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