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Whirlpool D/W Will Not Drain


Model# 665.13963K015 it will not drain, hose is not kinked , does not have a disposal and I can't get it out as it looks like they built it in, anyway - it washes fine. I took out the round screen and it is fine and I put my finger in the tiny little hole but it is too small to feel if anything is in it. Do I have to pull it all out to check the pump? It looks like it has two pumps?? Thanks In Advance!!

If you can get the kick plate off you can get the drain hose & drain pump off. Most likely something like broken glass jammed in the drain motor or something stuck in the hose inlet before the check valve.

This is a crazy question but would it be the drain pump or the pump and motor as that circulates the water through the arms and that does fine so I just answered my own question- it would be the drain pump with the yellow impellar... how would I identify the drain pump versus the pump and motor? Crazy question but thanks for any help in advance!!

OK - I got the dish washer out and I want to take the clamps off the pump so I can check inside of them. HOW do you get these clamps off I have NEVER seen this type of metal clamp!!!  It is metal band with a small loop thing and it has holes where a tab goes through!!!
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That is the wash motor hoses.  The drain pump is removable.  There is a plastic tab that you push down, turn the pump motor counter-clockwise and it comes out.  If a piece of glass got in there and chewed up the motor or the housing, you must replace the pump and sump.


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