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Whirlpool ThinTwin Dryer stops 30 minutes into dry cycle


NJ Mom:
Ok, a little advice please.  I inherited a whirlpool Thin Twin washer/dryer combo about 10 years ago.  Last year, when the washer wouldn't run, I paid to get it repaired - it was the switch that should depress when the door goes down.  Another $150 lighter, but at least it was running.  I had another guy come out to clean the dryer vent (cause this repairman doesn't clean vents). 

Now, the dryer starts, it gets hot, and the drum rotates.  but about 30 minutes into the dry cycle, it just stops working.  My repairman came out, and said everything is working fine, took $50 for the visit, and left.  30-40 minutes later, the cycle stopped again.  I called him, told him about it, and he said that the motor is bad (diagnosed it over the phone, why couldn't he do that before coming out the first time!).  Now he says he needs another $372.65 to fix everything (he's giving me a credit of the $50 that he took on the visit).  Is this the best way to go about it?  Whirlpool model # LTE5243DT3.  To buy a new stackable Whirlpool washer dryer will cost around $1250 plus tax, with delivery and installation.  What do you think is my best option?


Off hand it sounds like a bad motor to me. The motor has a built in overload/fuse that kills the power to the motor if the motor gets to hot. If I was the tech at your house I would run it until it quit. After it quit I would check to make sure I still had 240 volts to the dryer. If the correct voltage was there then I would take the dryer apart and check the motor. I would visually inspect the motor to make sure it was not full of lint. I would then place my hand on the motor to see if it felt to hot. If the motor was clean and felt to hot I would go out to my truck and get the replacement motor to install.

You could also replace the motor yourself if you decided that is what it needs. Your model dryer uses motor part # W10448901

NJ Mom:
That's the problem.  I'm not very mechanically inclined.  I just changed my shower head last week, but it took me 45 minutes......I would love to repair the dryer myself, without having to call the serviceman, espeically after he did such a lousy job.   

How do I check all of this stuff? Is it something that me as a novice can do?


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