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whirpool gas dryer not heat, Mod:LGQ8000JQ1



Hi :  the motor runs, the ignition glow its not turning on, I check continuity its OK, no voltage, also the coils no voltage,,I check rear fuse and check for continuity its ok,,, in the top of the control panel there is a PCB, Looks like some areas damage, im not sure if this could affect to not have a voltage at all circuits,,, I also check a sensor attach to the exhaust vent conduct, has a 4 wires, also there is a no voltage,,,any suggestion

thank you

Run the dryer and check for voltage to the burner assembly. If you have voltage (120v) and the ignitor doesn't glow, you need to check resistance, not continuity. Most ignitors are under 100 ohms, anything higher it should be replaced. If the ignitor ohms out ok, Then the only thing left is the flame can also ohm out (or check continuity) the flame sensor, which should be less than one ohm, or it should have continuity.

The flame sensor allows voltage to reach the ignitor, once the flame heats the bi metal up in the flame sensor, its contacts separate and the ignitor no longer gets voltage.

If you arent getting voltage to the burner assy, there is multiple fuses to be checked. all should have continuity when cold....Then one with 4 wires should only have continuity in one direction but not both  (purple to purple or red to red if i'm right about the colors)

need 3amp at ignitor to open gas valve if less replace coils.


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