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Kenmore dishwasher model 665.13963k017,spin arms turning too slow or not turniun


My customer has this dw,her complaint was dishes not clean at the end of the cycle.I noticed the spin arms are not spinning.I checked the main wash pump motor(120 v,60hz,ac motor,variable speed,with many wires going to it).Nothing is jamming the impeller,nor the spin arms.Lots of water in the sump area.I hear noise but not sure the wash motor is turning.I have no info about how to test the motor at various speeds.Please help. :ahhh:

Hopefully the tech sheet is there behind the kick plate. With this you can follow instructions on putting it into diagnostic mode. Basically press any 3 keys in this sequence.....1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3  within 5 seconds. This will start diagnostic mode. You should really have the tech sheet so you know what is supposed to be going on at each step & the meaning of any error codes.

Hello whjeffs,thank you for your reply.I looked at the tech sheet,it does not tell me how to test the different speeds.I will go back to the customer to enquire.This is most interesting.A motor with many wires but is not shown in the tech sheet.I will post again and report back.

This is a Global Wash System dishwasher with a diverter to route water to the lower spray arm, upper spray arm or TurboZone.. The only way to test the motor is to run the diagnostic test specified on the tech sheet.  If the motor is running and the spray arms are not spinning, then there is an obstruction in the sump area.  The diverter is stuck.  Or the impeller is broken off of the motor shaft.  More inspection is required.

Hello Lowsl2,when I go back to the customer again to collect money from her,I will ask whether it's working better now.At the time of the testing,the spin arm did not seem to turn,that's why I was asking that question.May be the diverter was not in the correct position.I will pay particular attention to this aspect.Thanks again.


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