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Kenmore Elite leaving something on dishes


I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher model# 665.16582200. A few weeks back it ran out of Jet Dry and I just used it without it for a while. Then I started noticing pieces of something(looks like sawdust) all over most of the dishes. It seems to clean them OK but then all the stuff is on the dishes. I ran a load today and was around in there with it, normally I am not, and it seemed to be draining slow. It even sounded different draining but the washing sounds the same with plenty of water moving around. Is it possible that something is clogging up? I also refilled the Jet Dry thinking that was the problem but it has made no difference. This machine is probably 6 years old . I looked at the screen under the bottom arm and there is no junk on it so could it be the drain line? It isn't hooked to a disposer , just to the sink drain.

Model 665.16582200

Could be stopped up. Here's a tech sheet that'll give you pointers on pump disassembly:

Tech Sheet for Dishwasher

If it was stopped up would that affect the spraying when it is washing cause that sounds fine? I have read where some people have had trouble with a chopper blade and then I read somewhere that Whirlpool has or is changing this that the Kitchenaid models have one with 4 blades and the Kenmore/Wpool just have 2 blades but that Wpool is changing their models to 4 blade. Does this create more wash pressure or does that have nothing to do with washing/pressure? I will check to see what I can find..Thanks

Well I have taken the chopper out and checked it. The screen was clean and there was a piece of lint/thread around the shaft of the blade so I got that off. Washed everything out good but this thing is just no better. I still dont know about this Jet Dry deal--the dishes/door are wetter than they ever were but the dispenser is empty pretty often. It is filling to the heating element, the element works---I opened the door during dry to see. I just dont know what else to do. The water sounds like it circulates great--tried filling the glass up on the top and mine did, it just leaves all the food on everything and a lot of gunk at the bottom of the door on the inside. Sometimes there is even pieces left on the door which I dont understand why it doesn't wash off since the water if flying around in there.???

Also, saw a great price on a Frigidaire dishwasher the other day model 4050 but that is all I have. How good are Frigidaire at cleaning????I have heard they are AWFUL but then I have read where some folks liked theirs. Any comments on brands.


Or you could re-vamp your dishwasher with a whole new pump #8268422. Cetainly half the cost of a dishwasher!

Don't forget to check the entire drain line, as any obstructions will result in poor washing conditions. If the dirty water cannot get out, it will just accumulate debris. Usually you can see and hear a forceful discharge into the disposer or sink flange as it drains. If the water just dribbles out, you got issues. If the drain hose is coupled to another or run thru an anti-siphon device, the clog may be there.


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