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Samsung dryer stops before clothes are dry

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I have a Samsung DV438AER dryer that is about 4 years old. Recently it stopped heating and I replaced the heating element, problem solved. Immediately afterwards it would start and heat normally, but on sensor dry it would turn off a few minutes into the cycle leaving clothes wet. I replaced the sensor but I still have the same problem with the dryer turning off a few minutes into its cycle. I have cleaned the ducts and ensured unrestricted air flow, but the problem remains.  I've read online that the circuit board or even the drive motor may be the culprit. Everything works fine when using the manual timed dry setting. I have no idea what to check next, any ideas?

If it happened the MOMENT you repaired the dryer AND the dryer stops with 5minutes on ANY sensor dry cycle, you forgot to plug in the sensor on the front bulkhead... O0 O0

I thought the exact same thing so I pulled the front cover off again this afternoon to be sure. Everything was plugged and secure.

Something seems fishy! Does it shut off within 5 minutes of any sensor cycle NO MATTER the load

Domain, thank you! When I read your post it immediately made sense to me. In my haste to try the new sensor I neglected to actually put a full load of clothes in to dry. Instead I just dropped a wet wash cloth in and pressed start. Just now, I put a few damp bath towels in the dryer and it ran for about 20 minutes without issue which is much better than it was doing with just a wash cloth. I have a full load of laundry in the washer now and I will keep you posted, but I bet you were spot on with your analysis. Again, thank you!


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