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I have a roper 5 cycle electric dryer that will not heat on auto sense dry but will on the timed dry what could the problem be ? I removed the timer and checked it out best I could with a meter and seemed like all was working . At one time the little bottom cam came loose but glued it back and I checked it to see if it had came off again but no still where it was sappose to be so have no idea where to look from here. Any help would be greatly appresiated thanks

Those Roper dryer timers are junk.   Sometimes it is very obvious were the fault is.   And times where it is not obvious.    Look at your wiring diagram & do a live electrical test (be careful).  You will find that the voltage drops out drastically.    Replace the timer & you will be good as new.    My experience with Roper dryers.

Thanks I thought that it was the timer but I sanded the contacts thinking that if it was it would fix it but they may be to bad to carry the load.where is a good cheap place to buy a timer for this dryer? Thank you again I can stop looking for the problem.

Our parts affiliates at should be able to help you out with a timer.


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