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Repair manual for LG Tromm DLE7177RM?

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Our LG Tromm DLE7177RM dryer is still fully functional, EXCEPT for a clunking sound. For a long time as you walked away from starting the dryer it just seemed like wet laundry, but after a little investigating it seems like the drum 'clunks' in the same spot every rotation. I ran it empty to discover that. It also seems like the drum is out of round, I can feel the inside of the drum at the felt seal and it seems to hang a bit lower, but I'm not sure. It spins fine, and other than the clunk, and it continues to work well. Would anyone have access to the repair manual so I could take a peek at the diagram, to see what possibly may be involved?
Thanks!  -JadedMark

I just slid the top open, and I now see that there's one screw head on the drum that has (what looks like) plastic shavings on it (it's a front one). It sounds like it's hitting along the bottom of the rotation, but it's only the one screw head that seems to hit. All of the others appear clean. What's at the bottom that it might be rubbing on? Is there a guide? I'm trying to avoid tearing the whole thing apart without having a plan! Thanks! -JadedMark

If the screw head is sticking out, try to tighten it and see if that solves it.

Pic please


--- Quote from: LowSL2 on March 31, 2014, 09:21:15 AM ---If the screw head is sticking out, try to tighten it and see if that solves it.

--- End quote ---

Haha, good one! Wait a second, although the screw appears fully seated, I cannot comment on wether or not it is secured to the inner drum. I'll check to make sure the screw is grabbing and seated properly, and grab a pic while I'm at it. But it is not sticking out - that fix would have been a no brainer!


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