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It was one year ago yesterday that was created. The site has gone through a lot of changes in the first year and looks nothing like it did on day one.

It's been a lot of fun and I would like to think that we have helped a lot of people in the last year.

Thanks for making our first year online a successful one.  O0

I hope you don't decide to get burnrt out on it. It is a wonderful site. Now if I could only learn to download a maytag topload manual.

One year old.   Good on you John, this is a really reliable and sound site.  Really good techs here also, that make it what it is.
I remember my 1st year,  it was a very busy one. Worked every day that year, and I can still remember when it ended,  my 1st year, and have always had money, from that 1st day, that 1st call.  Lots of memories.
How all the machines have changed, the prices, all that.  Now people in my area all have money.  We do get a lot of drop offs, when they decide to go buy new.  I refurbish them and sell them.  We still can get 300.00 for a set here.  Between drop offs, and people giving me machines,  I do very well for a old guy.  One year is just the start John,  think of all the people you have helped, and supplied all the techs with a forum to meet and share, good on you.  Thanks  Appliance Junk. com

This topic was started back in 2008. We are coming up on our 7th year of being online. Thanks


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