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For Sale: Amer.Rinsomatic, Extractor, & WORKING Amer. Thermatic Industrial Dryer


Just bought a house that used to be a convent for the church behind.  We have, in our basement, an American Rinsomatic washing machine, the Extractor, & a WORKING American Thermatic Industrial Dryer.  The washing machine just needs a new belt to work as well (the owners have used both for almost the duration of their time there; they love the dryer). If you are not interested in purchasing, but you have a suggestion as to where to inquire, we would greatly appreciate it. I have several photos that will not attach properly; feel free to give me your email and I can attach them all.
Thank you!

tmiller emailed me the photos. I have resized them and attached them to the topic.
That's a big washer and dryer! Good luck with the sale.


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