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Dyamaster supreme air pump drive belt


 Almost impossible to find... Dyamaster supreme air pump drive belt. ( it replaces the # 14070 original belt) This is NOT the standard original Neoprene drive belt! This belt is made from Urethane and contains Kevlar (bullet proof vest material) for tension control. This heavy duty belt is very wear & ozone resistant. It may last the lifetime of the pump, under normal use! Further details... Belt Type Single Sided Pitch .200" (XL) No. Of Grooves 50 Belt Width 1/4" Material Urethane Tension Member Kevlar Pitch Length 10.00. Very high quality!
Only from marks-mowers
 Installation tips: 1. clean the drive pulleys With soap & water carefully (Do not get the motor wet!) 2. as you face the pump (pulley side) Loosen the motor mounting nut on The left hand side one turn or so* (*just enough to move the Up & down motor on that side) Push motor all the way down. 3. install the new belt 4. now slide the motor up 5. until the belt is just snug (not tight) 6. and tighten up the loose bolt ***-OR-*** ? you can also turn the pump on With the belt in place and place the pump under load (Hook both air cylinders together with A small piece of air hose) Move the motor up and down a small amount and listen for the fastest Speed. Also listen to the motor for loading (bearing noise) The ultimate idea is to have efficient power transfer, While not over taxing the bearings. (this will ensure long belt & bearing life) *(if you choose this method, please be careful of your fingers!!) Lastly oil your pump up with a good grade light oil! (I use 3 in one oil) a couple of drops @ the two motor bearings & @ the main drive bearing (where the piston arms are, also put a drop here between the piston arms) Lastly, you can lube the piston seals with a very small amount of clear synthetic grease around the wear edge. ( I use Super lube grease) ************* Here's to happy Guppies! or happy hydro growing!!!
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