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Need a Service Manual for Samsung RM257abrs (Quattro)


I need a service manual for a Samsung Quattro RM257ABRS to trouble shoot it and hopefully pull some error codes.

I came from a 5-day vacation and found my fridge not cooling at all, both freezer/fridge.  The compressor is not running and hasn't ran since. i noticed water on my tile floor was already dry, so must of happened at least 1-2 days prior.  i checked compressor overload and still good. I'm getting 115v at each of the compressor terminals.  I checked resistance of compressed and get 10.9, 10.0 and 10.9 ohms between the terminals.  I think thats ok assuming its a 3-phase compressor.  I know on other compressors, combined resistance of two of the terminals are supposed to add up to the third.  I also did the ground test to each terminal and all seems ok, no indication that the compressor is bad, other than it is not starting.

I've replaced the power and inverter pc boards, but still no compressor.   I also replaced the defrost thermostat on the freezer side and still no luck. i checked resistance at the freezer defrost heater and read about 60 ohms and about 160 ohms on the fridge side, I don't know if thats good or not.

 At this point i feel i'm just shot-gunning parts in and hoping for the best.   I"m assuming its a defrost issue and find Samsung fridges with defrost heater issues on a large number of their models .  I found the heaters for not that much online, so i'm continuing the shotgun approach. Temp sensors are only about $6, so I might as well swap out the ones i can get too and hope an open is what is not alloying the compressor to kick on.

Any help/advice is appreciated. Thx.

Here you are

Thank you, much appreciated.  Wish i had it a bit sooner, would of figured out how to removed the center sections sooner, almost broke it before i figured out there was a screw beneath the cap, lol. Once I did, i was able to access the bottom freezer (CF) freezer and hopefully I found the cause, the heater coil was burnt on the bottom, presumably due to over icing of the coils or broken thermostat, as you can see in the photo.

I ordered the heater/evap. coil assembly as they do not sell the heater element separately and presumably not replaceable without replacing the entire assembly. I'm' not equipped or experienced in capturing or refilling freon, so i'm just going to attempt to swap out the new heater coil. I already removed the old one and the swap appears to be doable.

Good info on the manual, so will be easier to diagnose  next time, thanks again.


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