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Kitchenaid KSSC48QVS06 clicks


My almost brand-new Kitchenaid KSSC48QVS06 side-by-side refrig has a clicking sound up in the control panel section of the fridge, and won't turn on. From other posts I figure it's the control panel, but am not sure. Would like to know if that's possibly it (the blue lights on the panel come on for a second, then go off; everything else seems to be working, don't know yet [just discovered this problem] whether the fridge/freezer is warming), and if so, what the part no. might be in order to avoid the 3-week or so delay from Sears repair. Thanks in advance, Andrew H.

Before I ordered a new control panel I would remove the old one and inspect it for bad connections. If nothing else you may see a burnt spot on it or something confirming that it is in fact bad.

You can return it if it does not work and just lose shipping.Just make sure this is the right part for you.


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