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Wood F20BBA defrost

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I have a Wood F20BBA (also made Amana AFU2067BW,Maytag MQU2057,Crosley WCF20 and Whirlpool EV200NXK) this model has had the recall accomplished in 2005.
I have checked the defrost coil and I am getting continuity, that means it is working correct?
I am now wanting to check the timer and ran a continuity check on that and it was open.
No power from the outlet do not know if it needs power for a check like this.
Can anyone shed some light on this?
Thanks for you help.
This board has helped me already and hoping for more.

plug in unit turn knob on defrost timer until compressor shuts off.  the heater should get hot and the compressor should cycle back on in 20 min.  if heater comes on and timer does not advance and shut off the heater and turn back on compressor in 20 min timer is bad
if heATER does not come on check termination switch it should have continuity when cold and open when it warms up.. termination switch is approx 1 in round by 3/4  they do go open quite frequently

Thank you for the tip will give it a whirl.

Got any updates for us?  :popcorn:

I believe when the recall was done
the technician did not plug in th
spade connectors for
the defrost heater.
So far all is well.
thanks for your concern.


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