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Fun little poll

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Thought it would be fun to do a little poll to see about what the average age is that a appliance gets replaced.

So how old was the last appliance you replaced?

Please tell us some more about it.
What appliance was it?
Did you want to replace it or did you have no choice?

 :tickedoff: Mine was a refrigerator at 8 years. Nothing wrong with it other than the little lady just had to have a newer looking one

Mine was a WP DD washer but got a Free WP Duet washer so why I mention it was free???   ;)  Also a Bosch DW that Randy tried to fix himself and since parts of the console got "lost" well, so installed a new WP tall tub about 3 years ago....nice... 8)


I just had to replace my 6 year old Frig.   :tickedoff:  I was not pleased.  My last frig lasted 18yrs.  What's up with this?

I was so happy to find sites like this to help me with troubleshooting.  O0


""6 year old Frig""   Blame the new energy saving stuff required on the stuff these days, nothing holds up now like the good old appliances... ???


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