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Freezer way to cold!

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My freezer fan stopped working, so I popped in a new one, but it still wouldn't turn on, so I saw my mainboard had a couple of burnt resistors and swollen capacitors, but the refrigerator would run, just that the fridge part was to warm since the fan wasn't working. So I got a new mainboard WR55X10942. I did not cut any wires, since my serial number began with TA and I have freezer on top.
So I got the fan working with the new mainboard, now my freezer stays to cold at 10F at the lowest setting of "1". Fridge works perfectly, set at 5, I have 40F just as I like. Since its an old refrigerator I went ahead and changed the temp sensor in the freezer and the defrost thermistor. I did not change the temp sensor on the evap. Not sure where to go from here. The Encoder seem to work fine, if I turn it up, I can get sub zero temps in the freezer. I currently have it at "1" and at zero it does turn off the compressor.
What do you guys think???

Normal temp in freezer is 0 degrees. Normal temp in fridge is 36-38 degrees farenheit.

Is it working ok for you now?
Would be helpful for future references if we knew the model number.
Could you please take a minute to post the model number for us, thanks!

Freezer runs off refrigerator temps sounds like board original issue evap fan failure and problem is solved. At mid setting fresh food section 37 39 freezer 0 -5 check spec sheet   
For settings and run times accurate ambient temps should be packing slip under front grille. Sensor evaporator probably a defrost sensor all thermistors he are same part numbers won't need be replaced evap frost up when that fails.

Look for an ice jam in the air returns


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