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THIS NICE STAINLESS will work very well when charged with freon but,4 days later temp starts to climb,,i have a couple of these so i guess its common they are doing the same thing,,,,,i had no luck tracking leak....any ideas or experience with this model before i scrap!its a regular 16 to18 cu   unit with freezer on top       its a shame they look new

Have you tried a electronic leak detector or any type of UV leak detector?

Back when I did sealed system work yet we use to get a filter that had the UV die in it. We would change the filter out, charge it up and look around with the UV light for the leak.

i guess ill buy a leak detector                  those cheap $29 dol ones on ebay are ok?

Electronic or UV? Never had much luck with either one to tell you the truth.
I found searching for leaks in domestic sealed systems to time consuming and only did it back when I was doing warranty work.

HVAC and other commercial refrigeration systems I can see searching for leaks, as they cost more to start with and it's not simply a matter of carting in a new unit and plugging it in.

In either case I never like purchasing cheap equipment, but that's just me. ;)

I've been using Leakfreeze on the leakers. This one sounds like it's leaking fast so I don't know how well it will work.  Reliable has 00279 with a charging hose for $35, 00277 without the hose is $26.  If you don't mind waiting a few weeks, go here and get a free sample with the charging hose.


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