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Winter has been tough, can't wait for Spring

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Another snow day,   snowblowed my drive twice already,   and it's really coming down.    Oh boy,   another day of fighting idiots who don't drive right on the slippery roads.    I don't know about the rest of you,   but I can't remember a winter like this since 70's.   Every morning for weeks,   below zero or near it every morning.      Going to customers houses where they don't clear driveway or walks,   and trudging through in my thermal hunting boots.     
Only good thing is I have been swamped with weater related problems (ie.  cracked water valves on dishwashers and washers.).     Been loaded up with extra valves lately.   
Are the rest of you as sick of the snow and sub zero weather as I am?   

Yes !!! I AM.

Spring finally arrived here in South Texas 80 degrees this week

Here in western Colorado we have had snow and ice on the ground since November.Last week temperatures climbed above 40 with the temp today at 60. Sure feels good. Truck gets too hot inside. Had to roll the window down a little.

Had to turn a/c on in Baltimore, md. In truck today, got pretty warm today. Still have snow on ground though!!

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