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Author Topic: Kenmore Elite top load grinding in drain cycle (after replacing tranny)  (Read 1504 times)

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I've been having some issues with my washer for awhile now, and I've been able to make a bunch of repairs with the help of many of the past posts on this forum.  I've gotten to a point now where I can't find any info to help.

Backstory: washer was having difficulty draining all the water from heavy loads (wasn't spinning fast enough).  Gradually it got worse and worse, and eventually just gave up draining water at all.  Took the thing apart, found the motor coupling was busted.  Replaced that part, noticed that during wash cycle, the lower agitator was just spinning around in a circle (not agitating back and forth).  I could also manually backdrive the agitator in a circle by hand to a loud clicking sound. It was fine if there was no load (ie, no water), and if I took the agitator out, the drive shaft would go back and forth. Ultimately, I decided the transmission was busted.  Being mechanically inclined, I was going to tear into the tranny and buy only the parts I needed, but took the easy way out and just bought a new gearbox (NEW, not rebuilt) -  came in a sealed FSP box.

In addition to replacing the gearbox, I also put in a brand new clutch and replaced the plastic part that interfaces between the clutch and brake.  Slapped everything back together, and the wash cycle worked great - the washer hummed like a baby and the agitator did it's thing (lower part oscillated back and forth, the upper goes around clockwise).

When it came time to drain, I noticed a fairly loud "grinding" sound, though it was draining water just fine, so the pump was okay. I opened the lid, didn't notice anything stuck.  Closed the lid, and instantly it started draining again, but without the grinding sound. Assuming everything was fine, I let it be.  Next round of laundry - same problem. This time I noticed, that while it's making the grinding noise and draining, that the basket and agitator were stationary, not moving at all. When I opened and closed the lid and the sound went away, I noticed then that the agitator and basket started spinning together, slowly, until it got kicked into high spin mode.

Other than this, the washer is working better than ever, the clothes aren't dripping wet anymore, they are damp and ready for the drier.  I just don't get what could be wrong now. I tried to replicate the issue by running only water through on the smallest load setting - it does still happen.

I should note that I also replaced the lid switch - as I was doing the initial teardowns, I tried to take it out and cracked the spring clip portion that holds it in place.  I don't believe this is the source of the problem, I have verified that the switch is working properly as I open and close the lid (it stops/starts as expected during both the agitate and spin cycles).

Appreciate any help or pointing in the right direction!


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Re: Kenmore Elite top load grinding in drain cycle (after replacing tranny)
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2014, 04:11:33 PM »
I posted a video (). I jumpered the lid switch so you could see the interior while it runs. (I took this in landscape, not sure why it posted it vertically!). Indeed the basket spins about 2 mins after the drain cycle. At the end, I also included a clip about 30 sec long to show what happens if I interrupt the lid switch while it's making the noise during the drain cycle.

To me, the noise sounds like a bad one... But maybe it's normal. I read something direct drive vs neutral in regards to the transmission. Would this possibly be related to that, if I installed the opposite transmission than what this model washer was designed for? Or am I worried about nothing?

Thanks again!


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