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How to open a Maytag A183 top loading washer


I am new to appliance repair.  Could someone give me a hint as to the correct way to open a Maytag A183 top loading washer?  Generally do they open by popping clips in the front with a putty knife or is there an easier way?  The machine has started leaking and I am trying to figure out where.   


There are a couple screws the hold the front of this washer on.
They are located near the bottom. I have them pointed out in the attachment.

You may not be able to see them until you get down on the floor as there is a little lip on the front of the washer that they hide under.

Remove them two screws and then pull the front off from the bottom.

Thank you very much for your help!   Somehow I missed those 2 screws at the bottom.   Once I had the front off I saw the leak was at the hose connecting the bleach fill line to the bottom of the tub.  Very nice web site too.

People miss them two screws all the time. It's easy to do. One of them simple things that once you know it easy.

Glad you like the site.


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