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this retainer on the back of the bellow has given me and other of my freinds hell to reinstall. IT TAKES AN ACT OF CONGRESS AND A COPUPLE OF MULES TO GET IT BACK ON. Now I have seen illustrations where some sort of black tubing is used and also some plastic plyers to hold it in the grove while you stretch it but man i cannot see exactlly how this pieces are inserted between retainer and the tub to hold retainer in place. My son and i did one once and believe me it was very hard. I know there are two tubes that you are suppose to stick in there one on each side but I just cannot keep them in to hold the retainer while i pull hff and puff to get the retainer in. My fried the Especialist loaned me two pieces of rubber tubing about 3 inches long so retainer could be inserted in it ,one on each side and this tubes would slide easy as you stretched it and inserted it, I have not tried it yet but i have been doing some research and trying to see if there is an easier way, so if anybody have an idea I would really appreciated it if you could reply to this destress call. thanks guys and gals

Gloves/detergent/Two hands/Elbow grease. :welcome:

thanks domain you forgot one thing and that is lots of huevos

domain i wonder if one can replace that retainer with some other clamp type what do you think hombre?

I started a similar topic not long ago about that spring retainer. Someone said to just stretch it a little bit so it can be a little "looser". Makes it wayyy easier.


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