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Leaking Kenmore Series 70 Model 110.92573200

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Recently I replaced the agitator dogs on our machine.  Had no issues at all.  Weeks later, I now have water on the floor when the washer is filling and when it is washing the clothes.  Not sure what the issue is or where to start to look.

My thought was something happened when I removed the agitator and possibly replaced it incorrectly.  That would be tough to do so I removed, pulled it apart, looked at it and reinstalled.  Saw nothing.

Drained it and then turned it back on only this time I barely let the water fill above the bottom of the agitator.  Thinking if the tub has an issue it would leak with any water in it.  Yup, it leaks.  However that doesn't mean it's the tub, right?

Give me some idea as to where and how to look.  Obviously, I won't find a leak laying the washer on it's side so I need ideas.


Probably just the water pump leaking, very common problem on your type of washer.
Your washer uses drain pump part # 3363394

There is a video on this page that shows you how to change it.

Hope that helps...

It leaks with water just standing in the tub.  Still water pump?  I would think if something was running, sure.  But washer off and doing nothing?

Guess a leak or bypass is just that regardless of running or not?


--- Quote ---It leaks with water just standing in the tub.  Still water pump?
--- End quote ---

Sure it could be a number of things leaking and the only way you will know for sure is to remove the cabinet and look for the leak.

From what you describe and from the experiences I have had with the type of washer you have I would bet it's the pump leaking.

It's rare for a day to go by that I don't change a pump on this style washer, but it's what I do. ;)

Another video that shows how to access and change the pump.

Takes just a minute to remove the cabinet. Then add some water and look at the pump.
Probably see it dripping between the pump and motor.

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.


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