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Laura Shamess:

I have a Samsung P801 and I receive and error code of E6 and the machine shakes violently.  I can usually finish the cycle by going to spin only cycle.  I have been trying to locate a control board but it has been hard to find.  Even the local appliance guy says good luck.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am in Canada on the West coast.

Thank you

I had a Samsung washer board issue.   No one here other than Sears could get the board.  I let the owner order the board from Sears.   
What this washer did, was the pump wouldn't pump out.  Pump was good, as we by passed the control, and jumped it out with a 120 volt circut.  Pump worked just fine jumped out. What was happening was we only got 36 volts from the board.
Found burnt resisters on the board.   Owner bought it from Sears for 135.00.  Its took us 3 months to get the board, but all is well now.

Am also on the West Coast, but Interior.  Hope this helps you Laura

Also, we have rental washers etc, so while he was waiting for the board, we rented him a washer for 60.00 per month.  We got paid our service call to diagnose the problem, then when the board arrived we installed and tested things.
Just started the rental part, and has not only got us the service call, but also the rental. 

Laura Shamess:
Thank you for your response.  I will check with Sears.  I have checked their website but could not find the part number listed there.
You would not happen to have the number your customer used.  According to the service manual the part number MFS-P801H-00.

Thank you again


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