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I have used a mcculloch small steamer for about 5 years now. I go thru about one or two a year. They start to steam slow or got leaking. My question is does anyone use there one that have wheels or is there any other brand out there that does a fast good job. I need to get a new one  if I find something I like I stick with it. But if there is faster and better ,I'm interested. :welcome:

I have the same steamer as yours and its not good as it was new and has not been used that often.Even tried vinegar and water to clean it out but does not have the same steam as get did when it was new.Saw this long video on the one with the wheels you can look at and see what you thing.I got a feeling they all have a self life.The one with the wheels you don't have to hold that trigger down which is a pain.

If you got money look at this bad boy.    Steamer.

Mine is a 8 year old Shark by EuroPro? ,and it is no longer made. Lasted too long I guess. Just like older appliances. I bought an identical unit on eBay a year ago for a backup as my original is held together with duct tape and such but works great.


--- Quote from: dab147315 on February 06, 2014, 04:28:38 PM ---If you got money look at this bad boy.    Steamer.

--- End quote ---

WOW!!!  $2300.00 


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