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GE washer not spinning

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Model #WHRE5550K2WW. Started making a loud banging noise and it had a code 4 and the shifter coil was open so I replaced it. Noise gone but the wife says that the clothes are still wet when the wash cycle is done.  The diagnostic code is flashing 1 time (I would guess normal code that things are good). I watched a full cycle while laying on the ground and it seems that it never really enters a spin cycle. I would expect it to spin pretty darn fast. It slowly spins but not complete revolutions after filling and draining what I would consider normal operation. There does not seem to be standing water in the tub, just soaking wet clothes that I have to wring out.

What are my next steps?  My wife is worried about spending more $.  I spent $130 on the shifter coil and I think it is the motor but not sure enough to drop $200 more to repair.

A call to GE and they were no help

Please help and keep the peace at my house, been taking clothes to in-laws

Thanks in advance


Have you reset the motor? 1)unplug for 1 min 2) plug in. 3) lift lid 6 times in 12 sec...

I have done that a couple of times, although I do not hear the lid switch click.

I have read other posts that the switch could disable the spin but they were for other models. Is there somewhere to find a service manual for this model. I might be able to justify a motor replacement if I had the diagnostic info to back it up
Thanks again

  If the lid switch wasn't working, you would get a 7 flash code on the inverter LED. Here is your service manual and tech sheet.



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