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Hello, I have this Maytag Atlantis MAVT754EWW that has been working well (since we purchased it from Lowes back in 2005) up until a few days ago when this washer began making like a grinding noise during the washing/agitation cycle.

The washer will make this back and forth grinding sound with a load or without any load. No difference.

The agitator seems to be turning left and right as it's suppose to however it's doing this with an awful sound.

It runs through the spin cycle well without any trouble at all. I turned the machine over and verified the belt is OK. The tension also felt OK as all three pulleys would turn when manually pulling the belt. I removed the belt and checked out the three pulleys, they seemed to be turning well without any interruptions.

Any ideas as to what this may be? Does this sound like a (transmission or is it called a gear box) issue?

Any help towards a possible resolution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...

It is usually the pump that makes this sound. There is a shiny corrugated shim that comes out of the pump pulley and rubs on the bottom of the pump. Look at the pump from the side and in the gap above the pulley you should see it.

Thanks for your reply. As I'm not technically familiar with all the part names belonging to a washer, I am mechanically inclined enough to try and repair this machine myself (if at all worth it).  :-\

When you mentioned the pump, are you referring to the unit that's located on the bottom of the washer with the metal pulley which has the belt going around it? I posted a picture here to confirm this is the part your speaking of.

If this is the pump that you mentioned, I didn't notice or see any shims out of place. I had removed the belt and hand turned the pulleys below and they didn't feel like they were being restricted or anything in the way. The pulley moves/turns well.

I posted a video clip here were you can hear the sound I had mentioned. Take a look..

I had removed the agitator to confirm the unit itself wasn't at fault. As you can hear, that awful sound is still there. I can put the agitator back on if it helps or send some other shots and clips if necessary....   :(


  Your transmission is shot and not worth replacing. Time for a new washer. Speed Queen is the only reliable top loader left.


Hi Eric and thanks for your swift diagnostic. It's what I was dreading.  :'(

This washer ran strong for a good 9 years. I did a little searching around reading other posts prior to my post and was worried it was the transmission also (as noted in my initial message).

I believe this washer (transmission) may still be covered under the manufacturers warranty. I was reading that these machines came with a 10 year warranty, however I can't seem to locate my manual.

I understand that maytag is now owned by whirlpool. I'm hoping that they would honor this warranty repair.

Is there any online database where I can confirm the warranty status for this machine based on the serial number?

And thanks for the tip on the speed queen washer. I read some nice reviews on them. They do seem to be on the pricey side. The cheapest one I found were around $800......   :-\


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