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Ice dispense seal not closing


I have a 2 year old side-by-side model ED5JHGXRO00 refrigerator. There is a vinyl flapper that opens and seal the ice chute. It no longer closes all the way and allows frost to build up inside the freezer. It seems to operate on some kind of friction motor or something. I'm pretty handy and beleve I can fix it if I could get to it. My first question is how do I remove the dispenser cover without breaking anything? Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated.


See if this service pointer might address your problem??

Excelent pointer, this very well may be the problem. Is there a trick to getting the front dispenser cover off. There dos'nt seem to be any tabs or access points inside, underneath or elsewhere. I'm inclined to guess that there are a couple of tabs underneath somewhere and am thinking about slipping a putty knife of similar between the face of the door and the dispenser cover. Any advise?

Just prying from the bottom is all I know about, might be better ways like a saws all....


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