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GE Gas Range - No Bake


I am looking at a GE gas range, model #JGB500DEP3BB, with a no bake issue. It has a manual lock which the owner engaged and put into self-clean. She advised the oven was heating but after 1-2 hours noticed that it had cooled down and she was able to disengage the lock. The oven will broil but there is no voltage coming from the board to the bake igniter. In addition, I was unable to find any voltage to ground at the harness disconnect immediately prior to the igniter.

I replaced the ERC board still have no voltage to the igniter. I suspect there must be a thermal cutoff fuse but the wiring diagram is missing and the parts diagram/list does not list one. Does anyone know if there is a fuse and if so where it is located?

Any help is much appreciated.


resapp, what ended up being the problem?


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