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kenmore 80 series dryer does not spin,the heating element turns on when I turn on a setting but the drum does nothing,I have checked to make sure the door is closed and when I push the start button I can hear a click or two but nothing seems to start it. It also seemed as though it was tripping the breakers,and I have checked them also and seems to be good , any help would be great.

Model 110.62822101

The heating element may be shorted out, causing the breaker issue and probably a blown thermal cutoff. A shorted element will come on regardless of whether the motor runs or not. Once the timer is set to heat, one side of the line is complete to the heater. The other side of the 240 normally comes thru the motor centrifugal lswitch. You need someone skilled in using an OHM meter to check the heater, etc.

i have the knowledge to use the ohm meter,could you show me what I am looking for to check and the ohms it should be at?

Your belt is broken. Remove the filter and screws there. Pop the top.
get the front off (lift it 1 inch)
remove the tub and inspect the rolerrs. Replace the belt.

If the Belt breaks, the Centrifugal Switch on the Motor disconnects the L2 power to the Heater (unless the Heater is partially shorted to the cabinet ground, as Repair-man mentioned). could be a broken Belt and/OR (most likely) the Thermal Fuse causing the Motor not to run, but either way, the Heater is partially shorted to the cabinet ground, causing excesive heat because the blower isn't working, blowing the Thermal Fuse.


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