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Electrolux EW30EF65GSC No Display After Self Clean


Got a call today about this range with no display after they self cleaned it. They called six companies over the last two months and I was the only one that agreed to look at it. This model has four control boards, two power boards and a variable speed board. The oven UI was blank. But the surface UI had blinking dashes. The wiring diagram shows that each UI board has its own power supply board. There are two identical ones mounted on the back of the range. They both had 120VAC going in. But only one had 8VDC coming out. The one supplying power to the surface control UI. I swapped the supply boards and the oven UI started right up with a F20 comm error(as to be expected). So I ordered a power supply board and will return when it comes in. The last guy they called said he would have to replace all of the control boards because there is no way to test them... I think I have another customer for life. :)

Moral of the story, check the power supply boards on these new Electrolux/ Frigidaire ranges if one of the UI's go out.

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Good job!  O0

Tom K:
Read your post on Electrolux Self Cleaning problem.  I have a Fridgidaire Range # FGFL79DBA and Lock will not activate for self cleaning.  I replaced the lock motor and checked latch and motor still did not work.  then replaced oven control board and still motor did not activate.  apparently motor is not getting power.  Would appreciate it if you have any suggestions.  I am an amateur. 


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