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Kitchenaid Double oven

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Looking for a schematic or service manual for Kitchenaid oven Model KEBS277DBL1. The oven has power at terminal block but that's it. No display or oven lights. the thermal fuse going to the control board is good, I'm assuming control power should come in on the same pin connector as the one with the fuse link on it but I not sure. Oven has multiple transformers I'm assuming one is for lights one for meat probe one might be supply voltage for controller. A wiring diagram would help. The service manual on this site doesn't appear to be the same oven. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the tech sheet.
Hope it helps...

Thanks AJ the tech sheet looks like the oven I'm working on. It looks like  I have power to the main board but no display. I've checked a couple of part suppliers and it looks like the main board might be rebuilt only and the touch panel is NLA. I'm hoping the main board will fix it. Thanks Ed.

You may want to check out our friends at

emaring, did you get it fixed?


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