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Thought it would be nice if AJ have a folder here with nothing but his video's in it. Any other thoughts on this?

Yep, AJ is in the process of building a complete listings of his videos complete with a description of what it is about and a link to copy/paste for posting them in threads... ;)

Yeah, this is something I have been wanting to do from the start.
I have been trying to decide just how to go about doing it.

My first idea was to put them all on the home page at This was ok at first, but as we add more and more videos it would be to much for the home page.

Second idea was to list all the links to the videos in a topic/post.

I did not like how that looked and it would also become a mess as we add more and more videos.

After thinking about it some more we have decide to do it this way.

The new Video Gallery!

This is only the start. As you can see there are only two video's listed right now. I hope to work out a few more details and get all the videos we have uploaded to our servers so far in there this weekend.

Would love to hear some feedback on what you think of the new Video Gallery. :)


I think that is a good idea. Thank you. It will make it easy

Cool, Pegi likes!!  Now if we can just get AJ to work on some better smilies... :D


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