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Author Topic: Vintage Range Restore??  (Read 4884 times)

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Re: Vintage Range Restore??
« Reply #10 on: January 14, 2014, 02:44:59 PM »

      Well, its almost ready for service!!

  My clock has one madding gear tooth chipped!! Arghhhhhh 
 The motor runs fine and the entire clock has been cleaned and lubed, and every switch as well. But it has one tiny tooth, on one tiny gear, chipped off.
  I found the guy (or girl) who has the original clocks from the GE warehouse closing sale, and will sell me one for 100 bucks. I am considering it.
  I've found most other parts now, even if they are hard to get and somewhat expensive.

   I drilled for a more modern door gasket. The ones with little push on clips? Are easy to get.
 I snagged a couple spares at the dump. Original are unavailable and a pain to install anyway. The newer ones are sorta universal and free!
I had to "repair" one of the door springs.
I found it broken in the bottom of the case, yay.   So I took a propane torch on a low flame and gently heated the broken arm little by little, until I could loop it over again. 
 It wasn't real easy getting it back on (its a strong spring) but I did and is working great.
 The entire stove (except the cooktop of course) has been cleaned and detailed and waxed.
 The "last layer" of baked on grease was insane to get off. What is that stuff??
  I used straight gasoline and a coarse rag to get most of it off, and a paste made of baking soda and a bit of water to final polish the last off.

   I tried other solvents first. Logical solvents.  Carb cleaner, brake cleaner, a mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid, liquid wrench, other penetrating oils as well as several thin oils.
  All totally failed to dissolve the grease. Just totally failed. Only straight gas had a chance.

  By the end I was wishing I could have taken that grease off and kept it. I imagine you could use it on power transmission gears and it would last forever!

  The semi special lamp bulbs are at the post office waiting for me! 
Who want to drop by and help me carry it in?

 Thanks again Guys
      yours Scott         


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