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Vintage Range Restore??

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Hi Guys
 My old stove has died. I got 35 years from it, with standard simple repairs along the way. (burners switches etc) 
 But this time the roof of the oven has become a spiderweb. The metal is simply gone.
     Well my buddy gave me this veteran range he had. I love it, its just my style. Practically everything else in my life is old. I like old stuff.
 But I don't know if it can be saved.
Its a GM Frigidair. As far as I can tell its from 1976. It weighs right around 82thousand pounds. (I like em heavy, heh)
There is hardly a scratch on it. It does not appear to have been used that much at all. I know my buddy had it in his garage for the last 12 years alone.
  Its got an oven problem. So far this is as much as I know. Looking around I did find an exact replacement element. Its around 28 bucks including shipping.
 I went to the town dump and scrounged several oven elements though. Do you think I can just swap in another brand from another era? Making the physical mounts and electrical connections would not be any problem, as long as it will work in the end. 

   I also highly suspect the oven relay. I took a picture. I know this is partly a lockout relay for the self cleaning cycle, but not sure what else. It might have some circuit switch between the broiler and oven elements. As you can see in the pictures its been hot. 

 Here she is. There is nothing digital here. The clock uses numbers painted on rollers like an old school auto speedometer.

Here is the suspect relay. As far as i can find there is no exact replacement for sale new on the planet. But I don't have any cross reference material or know what other part I can substitute instead.

  So there it is. Do you think its worth saving?  Have any advise??
 Do I need a straight jacket??  :rofl:
   yours and thanks in advance Scott

Merry Christmas to one and All


The relay in the center of second picture is for the latch, the relay in the first with the red "dot" on it is the hot wire relay to make the oven work. You may find on on ebay but rare.

How about this one the oldstoveguy.Do you think its the same part?

I just found this old post.



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