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Agi-tamer tool wanted to buy!


I am looking to buy a tool called an agi-tamer. It is an old tool used to remove stuck agitators from GE washers. It is used by placing it on the bottom of the agitator then filling the tool with water until the agitator pops off. I used to have one but it recently busted. I have looked everywhere but no one has it in stock. I really need to buy one. If any one has an old working Agi-tamer and is interested in selling it please contact me. Or if any one knows of a place where it is in stock please let me know. I am willing to pay a good price for the tool! I really want to buy one. Thank You!



I have had this one for 20 + years, they are real nice to have when you need them . I have not seen one for sale for along time. Tribles used to sell them.

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I might have a spare one I can part with. I'll check around the shop this weekend.

Are you still looking for one?


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