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This is an 18 month old dishwasher. Has 15963k012 on the model number plate. Went through the list of prefixes for Whirlpool.None of them worked. I've run into this before but can't remember what prefix I used.

665.  Is what you need.

Thanks. I had tried that but still couldn't get it to come up on the sears site. It is only six months old. Told them to call sears but they want me to fix it. Finally found a similar model and will use it to order the part when I figure out whats wrong .Dang thing was dead when I got there. Took the door off and it powered up. OK, put the door back together and it was dead. Took it apart again. Stayed dead. Started checking connections and it came on and so far has stayed on. So we'll see how long that lasts.


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