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Maytag MDB9150 growling & low pressure


I have a Maytag MDB9150AWB and it when it starts the wash cycle it has very low pressure just enough that the bottom wand has about an inch of water coming out and the tower and upper arm have no water. It also started growling at the same time. It will drain the water but will still make the same growling noise and when all the water is drained out the motor sounds normal and the growling goes away then the motor shuts off normally after it is drained. My guess its something to do with the pump but don't know. Any help is appreciated. Last question is are these dishwashers worth fixing? They seem well built but I don't know if its worth fixing a 12 year old machine. It is in great shape though. Thanks guys.

Mine is 19 and I will rebuild it before I buy another. Sounds like the impeller assembly or something in it. You can take the bottom panel off the front of the machine and look at the motor. If it is crusty white on the top of it may not be worth it.Then disassemble the pump and check the motor shaft inside and if it is clean I would put an impeller kit into it and try.Only about $40 bucks for the seal kit.

Great dishwasher. I had one. The filter will plug up. Also clean the slits in the arm that is supposed to keep the filter clean.

Thank you for the insight. The motor looks very clean from the underside. Problem is obvious once I took the pump apart. Upper impeller was broken and just free wheeling and thats the growling sound. The bottom impeller was cracked and working but needs replacing. I'll be ordering the very kit you(old stove guy) suggested from this site. I also appreciate the advice on rebuilding this unit. I do like it and it is built like a tank. I wish I could find a service manual for these as I just don't know how to trouble shoot these things but with you fellows I may not need one. Thanks again.


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