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Bosch DW blank display


The kitchen sink clogged and backed up into the dishwasher causing the over flow switch to move up so that the pump runs constantly. I sucked out the water from underneath allowing the switch to go down and the pump has stopped running.

The problem now is that the display on top is out. The one on the front flashes and says, "Not Started." When pressing any buttons there is a beep and that is all. No menu to look at or scroll and I can not run the dishwasher at all.

Any help is appreciated


Looks like a NA product only. Based on our ones in Europe, you are probably looking at a PCB failure - it may be worth checking the status of the door switch; some Bosch machines won't programme if the door isn't shut (or thinks it isn't shut......


What exactly is the PCB?

I don't quit see where your coming from with the door switch.  The display that's blank is on the top of the door so that you do not see it when the door is closed nor are you able to press any buttons to start a wash when the door is closed.  The display that is on the front can be seen when the door is closed and it is flashing, "Not Started."

PCB = printed circuit board - it's the computer which runs the machine.

The loop sticking out of the top of the casing engages in a "turn over" latch mechanism in the top of the door, which works a switch. If it doesn't, the machine will not start. Check that first. If it's functional, the problem may well lie witt the computer.



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