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LG LDS4821BB IE error


My LG LDS4821BB is displaying an IE error a few minutes into starting a wash cycle.  This happens under all modes including quick rinse.  I have run through the possible cause list on the tech sheet with no resolution there.  The unit is filling ok, the water level is right at the top with 285 showing on the display during the hall sensor diagnostic but the unit continues to fill (during the hall diagnostic check).  Have checked continuity of both float switches as well as continuity of their wires to the control board.  Am at a loss for what could be causing this and any help beyond calling up my local service tech is greatly appreciated.

After three visits by a wayward repairman the control board was replaced and it works just fine.  Repairman asked me to replace the air guide assembly with all the floats and switches including hall sensor before he would replace the control board under warranty because "I looked like I knew what I was doing."  Basically he wasn't able to get away with diagnostic by replacement this time around.  Worthless.  Loved watching him shove the multimeter leads into random clips like a big red light was going to go off showing him "this is the broken bit!"


Sorry we missed posting a reply to your topic, but glad to hear you got it working.

Thanks for the update!


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