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KitchenAid KUDS35FXss Leaks...multiple issues

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Captain Ed:
We bought this new in 2011 and since then we have done NOTHING different. Same Cascade soap, same Jet dry. Softened water, light use once a day. My wife is the only one who uses it. 3 weeks ago we found a puddle underneath the machine by the front door. I took the kickstop off also and found a little water by the overflow microswitch. The insulation at the bottom of the door was wet also. We tried a few loads but the same thing. We checked at various times during the cycle and found suds in the bottom. Unable to figure out what is happening I called a repair guy. He came out and saw the light drip at times from the overflow switch are and also the suds. He said we should try and get rid of the suds and also said it may be from too much detergent but my wife has done NOTHING different for the 2 years we owned it. We did not put soap in the Jet dry and the interior is clean. No build up at the gasket and the gasket was good. Spray arms good. His suggestion was to use Dishwasher Magic. We did. No improvement at all.
 I did more tests. I took the full cup measure of Cascade and put it in the sink and tried to agitate the heck out of it. No bubbles. I took jet dry in a small drop by drop basis and man did it bubble up.
 I think I have 2 issues. On being a problem with the overflow float assembly but the machine is not overfilling at least it doesn't seem to keep filling. How high is the water supposed to be? It seems to engage the float but I am not sure. It was making lots of bubbles which I attributed to the Jet dry because I even had bubbles with no soap added for 10 washes. Is there a way to check if the jet dry dispenser is bad mechanically as well as electronically. I don't want to buy a 75 dollar part to replace it and find its the electronics. I have no faith in the appliance guy as he has no idea. I asked him when the jet dry comes out an dhow it actually dispenses it in this machine and he had no answer. Didn't know. I am already 85 bucks into this from that repair guys call. I don't know why its making so many bubbles however now that the jet dry is all gone the only leak I get is a few drops from the overflow float area and if the toe kick was in I would never know because the amount is so small.
 Any suggestions from the pros? I am stumped. Thanks for your help in advance. Its a KitchenAid KUDS35FXSS

Electric board could be making jet dry agent dispense to soon and to much causing suds. That's one problem.May want to see if something is loose by overflow switch.Powder soap is better than gel. And make sure no other soap is getting on dishes by accident. As this will cause suds. You can scrape dishes off before putting them in dishwasher but Better if they are not perfectly clean with today's soap. Finish quantum is one of the best detergent to use.

Also water level will be just under heating element.also jet dry cones out in a small amount in the last rinse cycle.

Captain Ed:
The water level should be below the heating element? I'm thinking I have a control board issue maybe because if I remember correctly the water level was above the element and I even think the overflow preventer had risen up.Why wouldn't the tech noticed and tested that?

there is a nut and gasket under the float-may need tightend a little-look at parts view.


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