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Replaced broken heating coils. Started load that stopped with warm dry clothes, but no beep and "00" display. Now, no indication of power. Pressing Power button does nothing , no light when door is opened. Downloaded service manual. Nothing happens when entering key sequence for service test mode (signal, delay start, signal, delay start). Measured correct voltage at input to power board, CN111. What's next to test?

Make sure you have correct power ,recheck ,all connections ,make sure belt is still on drum and maybe after that check thermal fuse a one time fuse if open know power.

Input power is good. Belt is intact. Reseated all affected connectors. Inlet control thermistor measures 120K ohms; the service manual says it should be about 120 ohms. could this be the entire problem? Would this cause the server test mode to not function at all?

I have tried everything I can think of so far. All three thermostats ohm out good. The door switch is OK. The control thermistors should read about 120K ohms at room temperature according to a table on the schematic; both are OK. The heater coils ohm out correctly. The only thing I found was that the lamp doesn't light when the door opens because the bulb is burned out. Any ideas?

Take a pencil eraser to the user interface ribbon and clean up that and plug back in and see if that's works. And I guess you have 220 volts at back of dryer and 115 volts from both hot legs to neutral.

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