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Kenmore Dryer won't shut off

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I have a Kenmore dryer that wont shut off.  In timed dry mode, it stops heating with about 5 minutes to go but continues to turn until I open the door.

I'd like to not have to buy a new timer switch if possible.

I found another thread where the user had the same problem, and he corrected the problem by replacing the resistor (that is his picture attached, not mine).

If the resistor could also be my problem, I would like help finding where this resistor is located on the dryer. If my resistor is not the problem, do you think it's the timer switch?

Model no: 110.62852101


  That resistor is only used during auto-dry but your model doesn't have the resistor anyway, yours uses an electronic control board for auto-dry. Your problem is in timed dry, so looks like you have a bad timer.


I was afraid you would say that, looks like a $100 cost for me. Thanks a lot for the feedback though!


Before buying a timer check the heating element.  If it's welded to the frame it will sometimes get to the last few minutes and not advance the timer.

I will check that. What specific problem with the heating element should I look for? The dryer seems to be heating fine just not advancing the timer at the end like you said.


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