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Maytag SE 1000 stacked W/D change from exterior vent to interior

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Issue #1
I have an older Maytag stacked W/D electric dryer setup (SE1000) that has worked very well for many years. I've had to replace the dryer belt and a timer relay, as well as the drum roller (bearings) and support shafts, but that was years ago. It currently has a short vent run to an exterior wall. I want to move the dryer to a location where I would not be able to vent it to the outside. How bad of an idea is this? Is there a "best" solution for electric dryer indoor venting?

Issue #2
In the future it may be possible to run a vent up through a chimney 18' to the outside, and as I have a gas line already run to this new location for the W/D, I'd like to switch to a gas dryer, as gas is MUCH less expensive. As there was a gas version of this Maytag W/D (SG1000), if I could come across just the dryer portion, would it be possible to just swap out my electric dryer and use the gas dryer with my washer?


There are problems with venting indoors. You are adding heat, lots of humidity and lint into the house. I see dryers with the water bucket lint catcher but usually there is no water in it and lint every where. You definitely don't want to vent out the back with no hose on because the dyer sucks air in through the louvers on the back and you will suck lint into the dryer.  I think you could swap out the electric dryer for a gas one because they both use the same washer. The washer hooks to the dryer with an umbilical and I think they are the same. Thats an old model though and I don't see them around here anymore.

Bailey thanks for your response. I'd prefer to switch to the gas dryer but don't know that I can mix a gas dryer with the washer from an electric setup. How would I find out if that's possible - will the umbilical from electric setup washer mesh with gas setup dryer? I'd like to move the electric W/D now  and set it up with the vent into the bucket, while moving forward with running vent up through chimney to roof - requires chopping brick to get into chimney and then feed 4" down from the roof. This may not happen until the spring - humidity not a problem in the winter, but humidity and heat in the summer would be a drag.

I think the umbilical will work because the same washer is used for either dryer. How long is the vent going to be when it finally exits the chimney?

I thought you'd be getting around to that.  There is a 4' horizontal run and then straight up about 18' - 20'. I may need a booster fan.


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