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Author Topic: How do I safely remove the waveguide cover of my Sharp R-402JK-T microwave ?  (Read 2929 times)

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I have a Sharp Carousel Microwave Model R-402JK-T.

The microwave recently started sparking at the waveguide cover and a
small dark mark is now on that cover.

I cleaned off the waveguide cover visible to me and so far no more sparking but I want to
replace the cover or at least clean the other side of it and the area
around it. (as mentioned in other postings and articles)

I need first to find out how to remove the waveguide cover safely and properly so as
not to do any damage to where it fits into the microwave or surrounding areas.

And how to do that is not clear to me so far.

I've browsed on the web about it but could not find any information
on how to remove it for my particular model.


1. The waveguide cover for it is OEM part # PCOVPB073MRP0

2. It is held in place under 3 small metal brackets or flanges.

3. I don't know if the brackets are meant to be pried up a bit
so that the cover can slide off, or if the cover is meant to slide
off without needing to lift or pry up those brackets.

4. The cover is not loose in the brackets, so if it does need to be
slid off without needing to pry up the brackets, some amount of force
would be needed. I'd rather not even try that until I can get your feedback.

===> What is the proper way to remove this particular cover for this model ?

Thanks for your help.

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You should be able to bend the cover in the center, just enough to clear the tabs.


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