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Amana dryer won't run unless ON button held in permanently

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Just had our Amana electric dryer diagnosed by the tech, who said he thought it was the timer switch. I choose to order the timer myself and install it, and it worked for about 30 minutes before shutting off.

Now, in order to run it while it's warm, you must hold in the START button. Not just once, but lean something up against it in order to keep it on! As long as the button is held in, the dryer runs. (When it is cold, it starts and stays on for a while.)

So my questions -

   - Would the thermal sensors down in the base turn it off if it was overheating, even though the button is depressed?
   - Wouldn't the same thing happen with the motor/other sensors?
   - Can anyone help me to figure out what is really going on? I have a basic ohm meter and can fix things if I have instructions.

Thanks -

One more piece of information - when the START button is depressed, it prevents the dryer from turning off, even if the time/moisture shut off is reached. It stays on all of the time.


More like a motor problem.Model # would help though.Do you smell something burning?And the motor will it restart after it shuts off?Or does it take awhile to start again.

Sorry - forgot the important things!

It's actually a KENMORE - don't know why I was thinking Amana. It says KENMORE 800 on the top and W10127887 on the sticker just inside the door. Thanks -


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